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High-temperature polymer film capacitor developmen

Editor:本站整理 Time:2011/1/12 21:24:02

Engineers from the Air Force ResearchLaboratory, Universal Technology Corporation, and Brady Worldwide, Inc.,reached a significant milestone in developing polymer film capacitors forhigh-temperature (200°C) power systems. The engineers were able to demonstratethe industrial-scale, roll-to-roll manufacturing and handling of high-temperature(Tg ~330°C) fluorene polyester  film atuniform thicknesses less than 5 µm,  whichwas successfully utilized in the fabrication of wound 7-11 µF capacitors atyields up to 100%. This achievement was the result of a thorough study gearedtowards optimizing the processing and incorporation of a proprietary filler materialinto fluorene polyester polymer film as a means to lower the coefficient offriction by an order of magnitude.


This enhanced material processingcapability led to the successful transition of the fluorene polyester film to alarge-scale coating/metallization production system at Steinerfilms, Inc.,which is a notable step in making fluorene polyester film commerciallyavailable at sufficient lengths and quality for the fabrication of miltary-gradepolymer film capacitors. Certain fluorene polyester film, based on composition,was then wound by Dearborn Electronics at a high yield to fabricate 7-11 µFcapacitors with a breakdown strength >200 V/µm, a low dissipation factor (~1%), and a high insulation resistance (>25,000 MΩ).


AFRL initiated a demonstration withHamilton-Sundstrand in order to evaluate fluorene polyester capacitorsalongside silicon carbide power modules in a nonlinear inverter for an advancedaircraft. The demonstration is a key component for the AFRL Integrated VehicleEnergy Technology and Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology developmentprograms, which improve the thermal management capability in advanced aircraft.